Brandon Perra of the
Freeze Force Jamskate Team
in Streamwood, IL

Teams to check out:

Freeze Force Jamskate Team
Breaksk8 Entertainment
Team Riedell

Competition Organizers:

WSA Jamskating

The coolest thing since roller disco!

Today there is a new trend taking over the roller rinks. That trend is Jamskating. Jam skating can be characterized as a combination of many styles of improvisational dance, all performed on roller skates typically accompanied by freestyle music. It involves elements of breakdancing, figure skating, modern dance and gymnastics. It is also a competitive sport in which performers, solo or in groups, must dance on skates for a predetermined length of time before one or more judges, who assess the quality of their performance. Jam skating routines vary greatly, depending on the skater or team that is performing. There are very few rigid regulations in the sport. This lack of regulation allows each skater to develop his or her own personal style. Jam skating's origins are in the shuffle skating fad of the 1930s, and the activity has existed in various forms since then, including shadow skating, bounce skating, rexing, crazy legging and roller disco. In 2005, the film Roll Bounce was released and Jam skating was featured prominently in the film's fictional story.

One of the effects that jam skating is having on the skating community is a rise in the popularity of quad skates. Quads have become less common since the inline skating boom in the 1990s. However, they are required for jam skating, since they provide skaters with the balance needed for many of their moves. In the roller disco era, skaters used quad skates like those used by figure skaters, with traditional high cut boots and toe stops. However, since the early 1980s, jam skaters have used low cut, speed style boots and toe plugs instead of toe stops. As more skaters are becoming involved in jam skating, quad skates are regaining some of their popularity.

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